Cut and Paste: Live

St Andrew Square, Edinburgh 5-13 July

To celebrate the summer show, Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage we are inviting you to take part in creating a collective collage mural in St. Andrew Square. Using images from the national collection alongside pop culture references, landmark buildings, wallpapers and newspaper headlines, we will create a stunning, evolving, large-scale collage. Working with a team of artists, you will be invited to make your mark in an ever-changing mural!

Artist profiles

Emer Tumilty

Emer Tumilty is an artist and illustrator from Northern Ireland, now based in Glasgow. 

With a background in Architecture and Visual Communication, her work draws inspiration from the built environment, the playfulness of Postmodern design and the mathematical compositions of Russian Constructivism. 

She uses bold colour combinations and simple geometric forms, working across a wide range of projects from illustration and printmaking to murals, installation and set design. 
Previous clients include Urban Outfitters, Atlantic Records, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, Radiophrenia, and Glasgow City Council. 

Fraser Gray

Fraser Gray is a Scottish visual artist producing paintings, installations and large scale murals. He makes work for galleries and public spaces that explore our relationship with imagery in the digital age.

Most of his works are essentially painted collages. Gray is an avid collector of images and his hard drive's full of shapes and objects that he has carefully extracted from found online images.

Through painting, these images get harshly cropped, bent, twisted, warped and recombined in unpredictable ways - leaving much of the original digital source material unrecognisable. Sections are pulled into abstraction by flattening them down to basic shapes and colours or stretching and blurring them beyond identification. These sections are layered with simple shapes that have been 'upscaled' - pumped up with an illusionary trick box of gradients, highlights and drop shadows. In other parts, the details 
have been focused in on, magnified and exaggerated to an almost theatrical level.

Blake Lazarus Venus

Blake Lazarus Venus is an Alchemist. Influenced greatly by Joseph Beuys, Matthew Barney and filmmakers Alejandro Jodorowsky and Kenneth Anger, BLV looks to make sense of the self and the world around us. An interest in psychology, physics and esoteric philosophies informs the practice. Esoteric ideas are made exoteric, often by showing them in a contemporary, mainstream, or pop culture context. Britney Spears and Kanye West are common motifs. 

Social Sculpture is an intrinsic and overarching concept -  rooted in a belief that access to art and culture can have a transformative effect on the individual and society.

Catherine O’ Brien 

Catherine O’ Brien is an Irish artist and arts educator based in Scotland. Her creative practice has a two pronged approach; the work that she creates for herself: dreamy, abstracted imaginings of places and people that are dear to her heart, as well as the arts education work she create with communities, schools, young people and older people.

The work she creates with individuals, communities and groups is informed by her own personal artistic practice but is driven forward by genuine collaboration, always with a playful approach. She does this to help encourage people to take perceived creative “risks”, to try something new, to play around with art materials and take time out for themselves. Not to worry if it’s “good” but instead to feel proud. Lygia Clarke, A South American artist, once said that life should be filled with poetic experiences; it is her ambition to help people achieve this.


Friday 5 July - Fraser Gray 
Saturday 6 July - Fraser Gray
Sunday 7 July - Fraser Gray
Monday 8 July - Emer Tumilty
Tuesday 9 July - Emer Tumilty
Wednesday 10 July - Emer Tumilty
Thursday 11 July - Catherine Mary O’Brien
Friday 12 July - Catherine Mary O’Brien
Saturday 13 July - Catherine Mary O’Brien

In this short film, we explain how the project will work, and how you can take part!