Word Challenge | 2023

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Create something inspired by the word protect.

Protect is a word that sparks different ideas for everybody. What or who do you want to protect? Who and what protects you? Whatever comes to mind, whether it’s an umbrella protecting your hair from the rain, or climate activists protecting the sea from plastic, we’d love you to make art about it!

Your art can be 2D, 3D, video, audio or creative writing.

Download this slide show to take your group through this challenge step by step

Word Challenge

Pupils from Dounby Primary in Orkney have chosen a word to inspire you. This short video shows how the whole school got inspired by the word protect. Use the slide show to help your group think, wonder and create their own art inspired by the word.

Download slide show

Artists meet the challenge 

Alberta Whittle explains how the word 'protect' inspires her. Alberta makes art to share stories about the world around us and to help us imagine a world without problems like racism. Her exhibition Alberta Whittle | create dangerously is on display at Modern One from 1 Apr 2023–7 Jan 2024.

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Share your art

Share your art

The deadline for you to send us your art is Sunday 5 January 2025.
We will add all your art to the gallery as soon as we can.

Remember that schools are in with a chance of winning £125 of art materials when they share pupils’ art online.

Get started

Get started

All of the challenges in Your Art World are open-ended to encourage creative thinking. The getting started pages help children to think for themselves and figure out what matters to them.

How to experiment

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