Question challenge | Autumn 2021

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Pupils from Corstorphine Primary invite you to make something inspired by the question

‘Will the earth ever end?’

This challenge invites you to think about the environment, the earth, endings ...and maybe beginnings too? Use your imagination, or do your own research and create an artwork that shows your ideas, or sends a message about your vision of the future. 

Question challenge

Pupils from Corstorphine Primary have come up with a question to inspire you. This short video shows how they came up with the question. Taking this question as a starting point, use the How to grow ideas resource to think, wonder and create your own unique artwork. You might end up making something that looks nothing like the starting point.

Artists meet the challenge

Watch musician Greg Sinclair turn a picture into a musical score and performance.

Watch more artists' responses to the challenges
Get started

Get started

All of the challenges in Your Art World are open-ended to encourage creative thinking. The getting started pages help children to think for themselves and figure out what matters to them.

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Every term we’ll post a new set of art challenges designed by children, for children. We want to inspire you to think, wonder, make and share your art in our online gallery. It could be 2D, 3D, film, animation, performance, writing or anything else you can think of.

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