How to grow your ideas

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Art can be inspired by anything - a word, a picture, a question. Choose a theme that excites you and follow these simple steps to get you started.

Step one THINK

  • Chat through the questions below. We all see things differently and there are no right or wrong answers. Listening to another person might give you new ideas.
  • Have a good look at your chosen word, picture or question, or come up with your own word, picture or question if you're going freestyle. 
  • What does the word, picture or question make you think about? (Think about facts, feelings, positive, negative and imaginative associations.)
  • What questions do you have about it?
  • What research could you do?

Step two WONDER

Artists play with materials and ideas to help them think of new possibilities. 

  • Make a quick list or sketch of all the things you could make. Don't just settle on one idea; aim for at least three options then choose the best. 
  • Experiment with 2D and 3D materials, photos, film, sounds or words. You can make art from anything - use whatever you have around you.
  • Think about scale - what's the biggest or smallest thing you could make? 
  • Take a look at these videos to find out how other artists get ideas.
  • Take a look at all your experiments and decide which one is most interesting, exciting or important to you. Which ones are least successful and why? Chat to a friend and compare what you've done.  

Step three CREATE

Steps one and two should have helped you develop your ideas and decide what you think is your best idea. You can repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as you like before you decide that you're ready to make a final creation.

Remember it can be anything - 2D, 3D, film, writing, sound, installation or a combination of all of these.

We'd love to see your experiments as well as your final work. Please send us anything you've created that you think could inspire other children and young people.

Looking for inspiration? Find out how other artists get started making art, or check out these ideas on how you might experiment with art materials.

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Your Art World

Your Art World

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