2020 – Time to reflect

Gillian McKenzie


Hope rises each day with the morning sun,

ties her laces, goes for a run.

Silently she says a prayer,

grateful for the fresh, clean air.

Joy is the child with light in her eyes,

a trip to the beach, a birthday surprise.

Cool mint ice-cream topped with a flake,

later home to bake a cake.

Faith at the window, sat by the phone,

never before has she felt so alone.

Listening to her favourite song,

hoping that it won’t be long…

Until they all can meet again,

mother, daughter and the bairn.

‘til Faith, Hope and Joy walk hand-in-hand,

together on the golden sand.

My hope for the future is for the continued appreciation of ALL key workers, particularly care workers, both paid and voluntary.

A cleaner, safer environment for all; reduction in pollution and respect for nature.

That people realise the importance of good nutrition, regular exercise and quality sleep, in order to maintain a healthy immune system.