Word challenge | Mystical


Thursday 11th November 2021

The Enchanted Forest

It was a dark and stormy night. I was terrified because I could hear the creaking of branches around me. The rain was making me feel cold and shivery. The King of Skull Island sent me to the Enchanted Forest to complete three challenging quests.

The forest is dark, mist sits low along the wet, damp floor. My emotions start rising. I feel anxious, there is something mysterious in this forest. Even although I felt scared I read the quest challenges and decided to complete the first one. It was about making a magic wand. It asked me to make the wand to transport myself to a dragon. To slay an ogre and then tame a dragon. I began to make the magic wand out of a branch that fell off a tree. Slowly I crept towards a dark cave to get the power stone for the tip of the wand. Forcefully I shoved the power stone in to the tip of the birch tree branch. Suddenly, the cave started to magically glow. The whole situation was nerve wracking. The wand made a portal. I carefully tiptoed in and before me I saw a dirty house covered in mould. I reached the ogre, the fowl beast. He was sleeping and snoring so loud I had to cover my ears. I aimed the magic wand at his head, loud noises and flashes shot at his head. He dropped dead instantly! Some of the ogre's flesh was needed to tame the dragon. I waved the magical wand at the very dirty floor. I jumped in to the portal and it teleported me to the fiery depths of Nether Land. The dragon was also sleeping, but suddenly he woke and approached me for the flesh. He could smell the rotten, dirty, green flesh. Bravely, I gave him the ogre skin. The dragon appeared friendly and wanted to show me something.

The dragon showed me where his hidden treasure was. There were many infinity stones for me to put in to my magic staff. I waved the magic wand at the ceiling of the red ravine. The dragon allowed me to ride on his back. We flew up into the bright portal and landed in the Enchanted Forest. We remained good friends and still do to this day.