Citadel Youth Centre - Old's Cool Intergenerational Project


Young people from the Citadel Youth Centre’s – Old’s Cool Intergenerational Project captured Covid19 stories of older people, through a combination of visual storytelling and video and phone interviews. The learning they captured from these interviews was included in their final session graphic.

Key themes that the young people discovered around Covid19 included: relationships, feelings, routines, entertainment, childhood and surprises.

”In a nutshell, digital intergenerational work has its challenges, but it’s super rewarding and using it to capture covid19 stories was lots of fun!” Macie – 15 years old

All the young people involved hope that their project capturing Covid19 stories highlights although this year has been incredibly tough, young and older people can still meaningfully connect.

It’s also clear that positives have come out of this year too!