Chariya Glasse-Davies

The Trossachs, Stirling

This year, I have done all I can to look on the bright side of life this year. Theatres closed, no work for Stage Managers like me, no government support for freelancers, the Arts in freefall - but my passion for the mountains of Scotland was set free! I got out and ran or walked 101 Munros, reaching the 141/282 halfway point. I danced for joy on each summit and painted the view for my journal. Now I am turning my sketch collection into a custom watercolour card business, creating happiness for others and myself.

There’s still another 141 Munros to climb, another 141 views to paint, and thousands of other mountains in this beautiful country - and maybe the theatres and opera houses will open again in 2021 to deliriously appreciative vaccinated audiences! And maybe my wee business CGD Adventures Art will flourish in the meantime.