Susan Cohen, The Wee Book Company





Susan Cohen

If yer get up an’ go hus got up an gone

If ye cannae get excited o’er a wee buttered scone

If ye’re missin’ meetin’ yer pals fur a swally doon the toon

If ye’re feelin’ tha’ your piece a’wiys lands jammy side doon

If ye’re scunnered o’ gaun fur the messages in a mask

If ye need love an’ support frae sumwhere, anywhere but ye’re too feart tae ask Dinnae be.

Just dae it.

Dig in.

Aye, it’s a time tae dig deep fur ye’ve got yer heid tae keep

Remember who ye are an’ wha’ stuff yer made o’

Remember where ye come frae an wha’ ye’re no scared o’

An remember -

Ye’re no’ Scottish fur nothin’.

The Wee Book Company is a toaty family-run independent publishing company which worked hard o'er lockdoon tae post upliftin' original material oan social media. Earlier this month, November, 2020, we won Scots Business o' the Year a' the Scots Language Awards. We huv received many heartwarmin' messages aboot how we've somehow managed tae create a sense o' community durin' thae tough days.