Iain Cameron Williams


Welcome Back, Dear Friend

There is no sunlight

streaming through the windows

as I approach the stairs.

Humourist Ivor Cutler

bids me, ‘welcome, kind sir.’

With strides, wide,

I ascend two flights

to be greeted on the landing

with an approving glance by George Wyllie.

Am I disturbing your tranquillity,

I wonder, as I pass by?

A wooden bench

stands to attention

on the mezzanine.

An offer I decline

as I continue to level two.

Step this way,

cry the old souls

hanging on the walls

as I enter the gallery.

Your absence has been noted.

Welcome back, dear friend.

Iain Cameron Williams

November 22, 2020, 14:10

Written on my return visit to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh.

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