Torrey Edwards

Edinburgh (from Seattle)

I’m not saying good things haven’t happened, even many good things, but witnessing the sickness, hospitalization, and death of my father to Covid-19 in March has been a struggle to endure. Not being able to be with him in the hospital to say goodbye, not being able to gather with my sisters to mourn his passing, increased the pain. The background of a months-long pandemic kept the grief fresh and prolonged the suffering. But as my father would say, “life’s tough, but you’re tougher”. Like a flower in the sidewalk, we send out tentative roots, and life finds a way.

I think 2020 has shaken the foundation of our society, which is difficult, but one benefit is that it has also exposed the cracks we didn’t know were growing, and now we can work together to fix it and make it stronger. I pray that we actually do.