Carmina Burana

Teresa Hudson

Midlothian, Virginia

In March the green pollen made me cough, the horses were wrapped in blankets.

O, Fortuna, am I too young to die?

In April the pregnant mare longed for release from her confinement. Easter’s lilies quickly wilted, and dyed eggs were tinged with salmonella.

Be strong.

In May the horses grazed on buttercups, the mare gave birth to a filly named Valerian (for strength). A pollen covered honeybee reminded me of purposefulness.

Be brave.

In June the sun enlivened us, sadness was gone! But warmth and light were fleeting.

O, Fortuna, I am too young to die.

Having gone through chemotherapy and a difficult surgery last year, I'd hoped 2020 was going to be full of travel and "fun". Instead, it gave me the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important to me, and put my priorities in order. It was a good year.

We can be more still. We can be more quiet. We can find more strength and peace in the natural world. We can hold each other more accountable. We can discover a different meaning to our existence.