Jade Wilson


I cannot describe the new feeling I felt on the 24th of March. It was two opposites – one of pure calm and sheer panic. It just did not feel real. A memory which gives me peace and is a funny thought, was the birds outside are living in their own little world with no indication of how it is turning upside down for us. It made me realise it is just perspective. It’s hard living in the 21st century where our lives are dominated by so much media. The birds are free. The air is fresh.
I love the work of Edward Hopper and his paintings correlate with his main theme of isolation. I think isolation was a major change in everyone's life. The image is about letting the viewer in. No facade. Someone's writing is also a way of showing vulnerability by letting the reader read their thoughts.

Since Corona, I feel more positive about the future on a personal level. It created more perspective in my life, I feel happier. I hope the pandemic changes the way humans look after the earth. I think it’s the perfect opportunity to make better decisions.