Alejandro Basterrechea


“I am ok with isolation. I am used to being on my own and drift happily around in my life” says Jenny, who I just met in Arthur Seat while photographing for my project “The New Normal.”
She continues: “what I found out during lockdown is that I prefer to be on my own in company. Without gathering place where I could be alone in a neutral group I became tight like an overstretched coat that doesn’t button up and so loses its purpose, sits awkwardly.”

“Recent changes in the regulations have affect a family event. We were hoping to get together in Edinburgh with my son and daughter to celebrate their gran's 100 birthday memorial. Unfortunately the date has fallen during the time. I wonder if I will remember any of the things I have discovered during this time or will it pass along with the virus.”

I hope we all realised that we need to change the way we interact with others and start to care about the important things in life: family, friends and our planet. This is crucial for the future generations. I also think that this times will spark creativity in different ways.