Fiona and Ann Brown, PAMIS

Dalgety Bay

We are all in the same storm, but not the same boat! If you've been shielding then your boat is very small. If you are shielding and caring, then you'll be baling out in case you drown!

We care for our adult daughter who is profoundly disabled and has complex medical needs. She requires 24hr care and is totally dependent on us. Covid would be fatal to her, if we caught it, who would look after her? So, we all shield.

Our daughter is a pleasure and greets every day with a smile, but with no daycare, no respite and all carers suspended, we're exhausted!

No one knows what the future will bring so we decided to make memories and we certainly are, by the bucketload!

Our vision for the future? A vaccine, no Covid and strength to keep caring until it’s achieved