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Victoria Crowe | Beyond Likeness

From 12 May 2018 to 18 November 2018

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This exhibition brings together a group of the best portraits by the distinguished artist Victoria Crowe. 

Crowe has developed an approach to portraiture that seeks to do more than record the outward appearance of a person. She aims to represent something of the inner life - the experiences and preoccupations of the individuals depicted - the world of ideas and dreams.

Image: Victoria Crowe, Large Tree Group, 1975 © Victoria Crowe.

The exhibition aims not only to demonstrate the exceptional skill of a remarkable painter, but also to tell her story and – both professional and personal – through her art. The portraits selected represent a journey for Victoria Crowe. She says:

"The most important portraits to me are the ones of people who have enriched my own thinking or awareness. Areas of philosophy, religion, psychological perspectives, poetry, music, art history, women's roles and the inner life are important issues for me, and all have been nurtured by these people whom I have met through portraiture."

Included are portraits of her friend and neighbour the composer Ronald Stevenson, the pioneer medical scientist Dame Janet Vaughan; the poet Kathleen Raine, the actor Graham Crowden, the psychiatrist R D Laing, and Professor Sir Peter Higgs.


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