Useless brings the work of Scottish-Barbadian artist Alberta Whittle and Uruguayan-born artist Emilio Bianchic together in Pig Rock Bothy, to explore themes of identity, production, frustration and uselessness. Both artists draw parallels between the process of making art, with the systems and structures of the world around them.

In Emilio Bianchic’s Impráctica II, outlandishly long nails make screwing in a light bulb painfully difficult for the protagonist. The feeling of reaching and stretching are familiar to us on a practical level (we all change light bulbs) as well as on a metaphorical level; as the light bulb lights up it is like an idea which has been reached through strenuous thought.

Alberta Whittle’s Sorry, not sorry focusses on the pressure put on the Windrush generation to represent conflicting identities: the exotic with the alien; the carefree with the hardworking; the citizen with the immigrant. The work arranges found footage with video shot by the artist herself, putting emphasis on the difference between the individual and the collective.

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