Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Interieur mit nackter Liegender und Mann [Interior with Nude Woman and Man] 1924

Why Degenerate? From Nordau to Nolde and Beyond

This exciting interdisciplinary symposium will explore the inception and reception of the idea of ‘Entartung’ (Degeneration). As a central figure of the touring Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) exhibition of 1937-41, Emil Nolde will be considered, along with other artists, musicians, architects, and ideologists.

Welcome by Keith Hartley (Chief Curator and Deputy Director at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art)

Chair: Christian Weikop (Senior Lecturer, History of Art, ECA University of Edinburgh)

Speakers include:

  • Professor Richard Thomson (History of Art, ECA, University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Meike Hoffmann (History of Art, Free University, Berlin / Forschungsstelle "Entartete Kunst")
  • Dr Maike Steinkamp (Nationalgalerie, Berlin)
  • Professor Iain Boyd Whyte (Architecture, ECA, University of Edinburgh)
  • Professor Neil Gregor (History, University of Southampton)
  • Dr Ines Schlenker (independent art historian, London)
  • Dr Lucy Wasensteiner (History of Art, University of Bonn).

The keynote lecture will be given by Professor Aya Soika (History of Art, Bard College Berlin).

This event has been organised by Dr Christian Weikop and Frances Blythe in conjunction with the National Galleries of Scotland and the ECA Research Forum for German Visual Culture.