Sir Edwin Landseer The Monarch of the Glen About 1851

Monarch of All it Surveys? Landseer’s The Monarch of the Glen and Popular Cultural Images of Scotland

Edwin Landseer’s 1851 painting The Monarch of the Glen has become one of the most globally recognised and frequently reproduced visual images of Scotland and Scottishness. In this illustrated talk, Dr Jonathan Murray, Edinburgh College of Art, considers both the historical roots and the enduring cultural resonance of Landseer’s work. That story involves traversing a cultural landscape as dramatically varied as the physical one that the artist originally depicted on canvas. Although born out of mid-19th-century romantic ideas of Scotland as - in Sir Walter Scott’s famous words: ‘land of the mountain and the flood’ - The Monarch of the Glen today speaks of and to a far wide range of ideas about Scottish identity past and present.

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