Luca della Robbia, Cantoria (1431-38) (Detail), Florence, Museum dell’Opera, dell Duomo.

History of Art Course with Dr James Lawson: Renaissance in Italy: Sculpture in Italy 1401-1501

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Our sculptors belong in the continuum of history, which is not obedient to chronological neatness. 1401 was a significant date in Ghiberti’s life and for sculpture in Florence. So, from Ghiberti to Michelangelo, technical means were revived and developed. A multitude of representational purposes shifted and evolved, constructing narratives, presenting civic virtue’s exemplifications, memorialising individuals. At last, Michelangelo invested the marble with a force of life that still awes us.

5 Oct Presenting narrative –Ghiberti et al
19 Oct Proposing the exemplary –Donatello et al
2 Nov Encoding memorial values –Desiderio et al
9 Nov Monuments, statues and reliefs – Michelangelo