Colour and Emotion: Measuring Wellbeing

Expressive use of colour is a key concern for many artists – from Emil Nolde’s early 20th-century paintings on show at Modern Two to contemporary installations at Modern One by Robin Rhode. In this talk Dr Nuala Morse, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester and Jo Volley, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL will speak about their innovative interdisciplinary research project looking at the relationship between colour, sensation and emotion. Working with artists, a geographer, a speech therapist and adults with acquired communication difficulties, they have devised a non-verbal toolkit for expressing feelings and emotions. ‘The power of colour has been used by great masters of the past and present to elicit many different feelings in people: to shock them, to over-awe them and stimulate action, to help people think and make judgements, to delight them with subtle pleasures, to calm them or render them spellbound with subliminal visions.’ D. A. Pavey ‘Colour and Humanism’

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