Imitator of Edouard Manet, Still-life, after 1883

Charlatans and Connoisseurs: Authenticating Millet, Manet and Van Gogh

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  • Scottish National Gallery
  • Hawthornden Lecture Theatre. Please enter via the back door of the Academy building.
  • Wednesday 28 February, 6.30-8.30pm
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In the early 1930s two notorious fakers were brought to trial. Jean-Charles Millet and Paul Cazot were arrested in Paris in May 1930 for forging works by the great French Realist painter Jean-François Millet. Two years later the Berlin dealer Otto Wacker was tried for faking around thirty paintings by Vincent van Gogh. Around the same period the National Galleries of Scotland acquired three works by Millet, Manet and Van Gogh, two of which turned out to be fakes. Senior Curator, Frances Fowle, examines the circumstances behind these purchases, their connections with the trials, and the questions they raise about connoisseurship and the tricky business of authenticating paintings.