Jenny Saville Trace, 1993-1994, © Jenny Saville. Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian. 

Bodies in Pieces: Representations of the Human Body in Art

Art historian Ola Wojtkiewicz will consider representations of the human body and fragmented bodies - both during and after life - in the context of National Galleries of Scotland displays.

The talk will cover Jenny Saville’s compelling paintings of flesh, Christine Borland’s installation inspired by cutting-edge transplant surgery, a curious collection of 19th-century phrenological heads and the uniquely intimate self-portrait by Angela Palmer. A history of the bodies in art is not complete without reference to religious representation of martyred bodies in works by 16th and 17th-century old masters.

This talk is presented in parallel with the exhibition Dead Images: Facing the History, Ethics, and Politics of European Skull Collections on display at Edinburgh College of Art from 26 July-26 August 2018 at 74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh.