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The Artists of Albany Street

  • Our Friends | Lecture or talk
  • Scottish National Gallery
  • Hawthornden Lecture Theatre (please enter via the back door of the Academy building. No admittance to the gallery before 6:15pm)
  • Tuesday 17 April, 6:30- 8:30pm
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Albany Street was built as part of the second phase of Edinburgh’s New Town, and its 57 houses date from 1802. Although not one of the city’s most fashionable thoroughfares, in the 19th century it housed a remarkable number of individuals working as significant architects, musicians, writers and visual artists. In this talk, arts administrator turned house historian Barclay Price, who has researched the 19th century occupants of all the houses here, will describe these creative residents. Prepare for tales of faded friendship, much-loved dogs, timely advice, romantic elopement, fortunate encounters, untimely death, artistic success and disappointment.