Processional Frieze by William Brassey Hole art print

Processional Frieze by William Brassey Hole art print


32 x 45 cm Art print featuring the Processional Frieze in the Great Hall of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery by William Brassey Hole, 1898

This processional frieze is one of the building’s most striking features. It comprises a dazzling, painted procession of famous Scots from across history, picked out in full colour and gold leaf.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is one of Edinburgh’s most remarkable and distinctive buildings it celebrates the history of Scotland and the Scots who have inspired and changed the world.

At the centre of the gallery is the Great Hall which the processional frieze wraps round all four walls against a rippled, gold backdrop shows 155 figures from Scottish history. Painted based upon portraits with the names of each person in the frieze are also clearly painted above their heads.

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