Pewter devon bee bowl with bee spoon

Pewter devon bee hand crafted bowl and spoon

£51.99 £41.59

Handmade pewter bowl with a Devon bee on the edge of the bowl complete with a small bee spoon. Designed and made in the UK by Glover & Smith.

The ideal gift for that special person, christening, birthday, wedding or retirement gift, whatever the occasion.

Glover & Smith are members of The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen, and their products are handmade in the UK from lead free pewter, inspired by nature.

Lead free pewter is not reactive with acidic and alkaline foods unlike other precious metals, and the surface will never flake or chip. Modern pewter is 92% pure tin and small amounts of copper and other metals to give additional strength. It is a plentiful, non-toxic resource which has little or no impact on the environment. This eco-friendly metal does not need polishing like silver and it does not become dull.


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