100% pure lambswool modern Thomson Camel tartan scarf

100% pure lambswool modern Thomson Camel tartan scarf


100% pure lambswool fringed Thomson Camel tartan scarf made in Scotland, by Lochcarron in their Selkirk mill, Scottish Borders. This scarf is lightweight, soft and cosy, a perfect souvenir or gift from Scotland.

Thomson Camel designed about 40 years ago and has often been linked to an American called J.C. Thompson. Thomson Camel here has the red stripe in the same position as Burberry, the white stripes are much further apart and have a white line between them. Close up, there is no problem in distinguishing between this and the genuine Burberry.

Lochcarron substitutes blue for the two narrow black lines. Another opinion suggests that this was designed by Laird Portch. The late Scotty was one of north America's leading experts on tartan and was a prolific author, his most popular book being 'So you're going to wear the kilt?' He also co-authored 'Scotland's Forged Tartans' with the father of modern tartan research, the late D.C. Stewart.

Lochcarron of Scotland is the world’s leading manufacturer of tartan, with a heritage dating back to 1892. Proudly made in Scotland by skilled craftsmen and women who design, dye, warp, weave, mend and tailor our Scottish tartans and textiles. From kilt to catwalk, Lochcarron of Scotland champions traditional tartan fabric manufacturing whilst continuing to innovate, designing bespoke creations for major international fashion houses.

Images © Lochcarron John Buchan Limited

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