Mahtab Hussain | You Get Me?

You Get Me? was photographer Mahtab Hussain’s first body of work. Inspired by his own experiences of growing up in Glasgow and then Birmingham as a young Muslim man, the series is an intimate portrait on negotiating masculinity, self-esteem, social identity and religion in a multicultural society faced with high unemployment and racism. 

In this interview, curator Louise Pearson speaks to Mahtab about the project and two works from the series which have entered the National Galleries of Scotland collection.

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This interview was conducted in February 2022.

Mahtab Hussain Shemagh, beard and bling from the series You Get Me? © Mahtab Hussain
Mahtab Hussain Pink jumper, hair design, bling from the series You Get Me? © Mahtab Hussain

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