Noah Macaulay


Hello, My name is Noah Macaulay, I am ten years old and I live with my Mum, my Dad, my little sister Carla and my little brother Roman. Life is hard for everyone right now but especially for us. My sister has an undiagnosed syndrome and is disabled, she can walk and talk but scratches me a lot and more. I think lockdown has been good and bad, it’s been bad because noone can look after Carla and I’m stuck in the house. It has been good because people now understand how much we like and love each other. I feel like for the future people should be less selfish because for example, say Carla was going to someones house so I could spend time with my parents but that someone went somewhere they should not be and catch covid then Carla cant get watched and then I cant spend time with my parents and means that someone wasn’t thinking about the consequences that their actions could have on other people. I think it’s a bit silly do stuff like this anyways I think its kind of cool that Im living through history and you could be people from the future and you could have flying cars and stuff like that anyways I have nothing left to say except stay safe!