Irvine Children and Families (Fieldwork) Locality Team

A little seed for me to sow
A little soil to make it grow
A little hole, a little pat
A little wish, and that is that
A little sun, a little shower
A little while –
And then, a flower

a wee poem from the Irvine Children and Families (Fieldwork) Locality Team. It would be great for our children, young people and families if you were able to include the photographs, poem in the current exhibition at the Galleries.
The essence of the project was to act as a distraction in the face of the pandemic and give the children, young people and families an opportunity to work together to plant and nurture seeds to vegetable produce.
The idea came from a broadcast on the radio which mentioned the health and wellbeing benefits from growing your own produce and the Team Manager then thought of the wider benefits in relation to our service users, some of which are noted below –

• Promoting positive staff/service users relationships
• Bonding and quality parent and child time
• Team working