James Craig Annan The Dark Mountains 1890


Born 1864
Died 1946
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Hamilton
Death place Scottish

James Craig Annan, the son of the photographer Thomas Annan, studied Chemistry and Natural Philosophy before joining the family firm T. Annan. His work was exhibited by Alfred Stieglitz in New York and illustrated in the journal Camera Work. Annan was a member of the photographic association The Linked Ring and in 1904 became the first President of the International Society of Pictorial Photographers. He renewed public interest in the work of Hill and Adamson by producing exquisite photogravures from their calotype negatives. In later years he became an etchings dealer and no longer exhibited his own work.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


Photogravure (also called heliogravure) is an intaglio printmaking technique. A photographic negative is transferred onto a copper plate using light sensitive chemicals. This is then printed like an etching.


A nineteenth century movement among photographers who explored the artistic potential of the new technology, looking to paintings for stylistic models.