Hendrick Danckerts & Adriaen Hanneman Charles II, 1630 - 1685. King of Scots 1649 - 1685, King of England and Ireland 1660 - 1685 After 1649


Born about 1625
Died 1680
Nationality Dutch
Birth place The Hague
Death place Amsterdam

Born in The Hague, Danckerts began his career as an engraver and in 1651, he entered the city’s Guild of St Luke. From around 1653-7 Danckerts travelled in Italy determined to improve his painting technique. On his return to Holland he established himself as a landscape painter, before Charles II invited him to England where he cemented his reputation. Charles commissioned several important pieces from Danckerts and in 1688 The Royal Collection owned twenty-nine works by the Dutch painter. Throughout his career Danckerts continued to make engravings, which included several after Titian, Henrietta Maria after Van Dyck and Charles II in exile after Hanneman.