Evelyn George Carey The Forth Bridge. Inchgarvie South Cantilver 21 September 1889; print by Michael and Barbara Gray 2007


Born 1858
Died 1932
Nationality Scottish

Although Evelyn George Carey trained as an engineer, it is for his photographs of the construction of the Forth Rail Bridge that he is perhaps best known. Carey was first employed by engineering firm Messrs, Hathorn, Davey & Co. of Leeds from 1879 for two and a half years. He was then engaged by consulting engineers John Fowler and Benjamin Baker, as an engineer with the special responsibility of compiling a comprehensive photographic documentation of the construction of the Forth Rail Bridge from 1882-90. The result of this appointment is an incredible record of the erection of this dominating structure. From 1888-1922, Carey worked for Sir William Arrol & Co. at the Dalmarnock Iron Works in Glasgow. He then briefly operated as a consultant engineer before retiring.