Edward Bawden Design for Wrapping Paper (Deer in a Landscape) About 1960 © The Estate of Edward Bawden


Born 1903
Died 1989
Nationality English
Birth place Braintree
Death place Essex

Edward Bawden’s best-known works are his commissions produced for Curwen Press in Plaistow, London. These include posters for the London Underground and book illustrations. As a graphic designer and illustrator, linocuts were an important part of his work, however he was also a printmaker and painter of landscapes in watercolour, in addition to making pen and ink drawings. Bawden’s graphic designs have been praised for their simplification to the essence of the subject, their directness and humour. Bawden studied at the Design school of the Royal College of Art in London, where he was taught by Paul Nash and became friends with Eric Ravilious. He worked as an Official War Artist during the Second World War.