B. W. Kilburn In Streets of Chicago, Ill., U.S.A 1890


Born 1827
Died 1909
Nationality American
Birth place Littleton
Death place Littleton

American photographer Benjamin West Kilburn was born in New Hampshire and became known for his landscape photography and documentation of the migrations that occurred at the end of the nineteenth century. He initially began his career as a partner in his father’s foundry making stoves. Then alongside his brother, Edward, the ‘Kilburn Brothers’ was established – a photography firm which specialised in producing stereoscopic cards. Although Edward retired from the business in 1877, in 1893 its success climaxed with their gaining the exclusive rights to sell stereoscopic views of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. During his lifetime, Benjamin made four trips to Europe and on one occasion photographed the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland.