Agostino Veneziano The Carcass (Lo Stregozzo) About 1520


Born about 1490
Died after 1536
Nationality Italian
Birth place Venice
Death place Rome

Agostino Veneziano’s real name was Agostino de’ Musi. Born in Venice around 1490, he received some initial artistic training there. He then moved to Florence for a short time before settling in Rome. By 1516 he was working in the printmaking workshop of Marcantonio Raimondi (about 1480-about 1534). He produced a number of prints after Raphael, Michelangelo and Giulio Romano. Around 1527 he returned to his native Venice due to the Sack of Rome, and there he worked as an illustrator and printmaker until eventually going back to Rome in 1531. He produced a large body of work, although not all of the designs attributed to him bear his monogram. Agostino is presumed to have died in Rome in the late 1530s, but no record of this has been traced.