Our first encounter began in Autumn 2011 in Clydebank, coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders’ (UCS) Work-in of 1971-72. For The Nation//Live – Work, we selected sculptor Kenny Hunter’s 1999 portrait bust of the celebrated trade union leader Jimmy Reid, (1932-2010), to inspire a conversation about what work means today on Clydeside.

To generate a community-wide, cross-generational discussion, we commissioned writer Martin O’Connor from Visible Fictions Theatre Company to create a dialogue between three participating groups. Our aim was to examine Reid’s life and legacy in relation to Clydebank and its situation today.

School students from St Peter the Apostle High School investigated Reid’s portrait and the context of his life, and developed their own photographic work, before taking a replica of the bust and its supporting table on to the streets of Clydebank to gather the views of the public.

Engineering apprentices from BAE Systems, operators of the last shipyards on the Clyde, also met Martin to discuss their experiences of the shipbuilding industry today. After a visit to Kenny Hunter‘s studio, and guided by Anniesland FE College staff, they also produced a sculptural representation of the cross-section of a ship’s hull, naming it the SS Reid to honour the politician. This was intended to be act as a platform for speakers inspired by Reid’s oratory. This studio visit was filmed by students from St Peter the Apostle High School and is available to watch below. A PDF outlining the construction of the SS Reid is downloadable on the right.

Two veterans of the UCS Work-in, Bob Dickie and Jimmy Cloughley, were integral to the project. Their first-hand accounts of events proved invaluable to the creative process and resulted in a conversation between Jimmy, Bob and BAE apprentice Julia Wallace, on the derelict site of John Brown’s Shipyard in Clydebank. This conversation appears in Daniel Warren’s film, Work (hosted below), alongside interviews with project participants, shop workers from Clydebank Shopping Centre, members of Osprey Boxing Club, and staff and customers from Rosie’s Hair Salon.

A dramatic performance of Work – A Reconstruction of Clydebank Voices was performed on the evening of 7 May 2012, the Mayday Bank Holiday, at the entrance to the former John Brown’s site. Written by Martin O’Connor and the people of Clydebank, this drama is an impassioned dialogue between past and present, combining quotes from local residents with sections from speeches by Jimmy Reid which had once galvanised a workforce.

An audience of 120 Clydesiders showed enormous commitment by braving terrible weather to witness the performance by drama students from St Peter the Apostle High School and retired members of the Clydebank Life Stories Group, and the first public screening of the project film. Short video extracts from the performance and rehearsal are available below and the script of Work – A Reconstruction of Clydebank Voices is available to download on the right.

The project was exhibited in The Back Door Gallery, Dalmuir Library, Clydebank from 19 December 2012 – 19 January 2013. A public evaluation of the project was held during the exhibition, extracts from which can be found below.   

Work was produced in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council and Visible Fictions Theatre Company.

Work received the Joint Highly Commended Award for Project on a Limited Budget, at the Museums and Heritage Awards 2013.


The Nation//Live - WORK

Interviews with workers, Clydebank, screened during public performance at the site of the former John Brown’s shipyard, 7 May 2012. Director Daniel Warren.

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  • WORK – A Reconstruction of Clydebank Voices: Performance
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Extracts from the rehearsal and public performance at the site of the former John Brown’s shipyard, Clydebank, 7 May 2012.

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Public evaluation session discussing The Nation//Live – Work project at the Work exhibition in the Backdoor Gallery, Dalmuir Library, Clydebank, Jan 2013.

[Duration 8:50]


Remembering the Work-In

Former Upper Clyde Shipyard Workers discussing Work-in at the BBC Great British Story Event in Glasgow.

Part of The Nation//Live – Work.

[Duration 4:10]


Former Upper Clyde Shipyard Workers discussing Work-in at A Rose Loupt Oot event, Dalmuir Library.

Part of The Nation//Live – Work.

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Work – A Reconstruction of Clydebank Voices (Audio Drama)


Images from the project