In the summer of 2014, children and families were invited to drop into our crazy art lab every afternoon for four weeks and have fun imagining the art of the future!
Taking inspiration from GENERATION - landmark exhibitions at the National Galleries of Scotland in 2014, the programme encouraged families to have fun exploring and responding to contemporary art.

Children aged 4+ (and their adults) were invited to try out a range of art techniques including painting to music, sculpture using unusual materials, photography and collage. There was an emphasis on experimentation, exploration and innovation.

In our art lab we posed questions like ‘What happens when you mix art with music?’, ‘How do you ‘un-paint’ a picture?’ and ‘What could a sculpture be made of?'

Children who took part received an artist's sketchbook that they could take away to record their ideas. Once they had completed four activites, they won a set of artists' pencils.



Our fantastic GENERATOR mural was designed by an artist called Fraser Gray. Fraser randomly ‘generated’ a composition using a computer program, which he and his team of artists then painted directly on the wall. The computer programme built up the design by collaging shapes that can be found in different art works in our GENERATION exhibitions.