Video–artist Adam Proctor, who is based near Aberdeen, works as a freelance filmmaker and animator. He has collaborated closely with the project participants to make contact with individuals, community groups, and voluntary organisations to include in these films.

Adam’s intention has been to create strongly visual films that exploit the camera’s ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. His gaze lingers on the faces and places that make Aberdeen distinctive. The simplicity and power of the icon is present in the way his compelling portrait images transfix the viewer.

Part 1

Directed by Adam Proctor, 2011

With: Madeline Duncan, Walter Duncan, Jo Fraser, Paul Hazelle, Murdoch MacLeod, Helen Paterson, Rosie Wyness, Richard Woods

[Duration 15:19]


Part 2

Directed by Adam Proctor, 2012

With: George W. Fulton, Murdoch MacLeod, Helen Paterson, Mike Webster, Richard Woods

[Duration 10:21]