30th August 2009
It's all over, go home, nothing to see... except this.  Here is the second part of Beanland Film's Rough Cuts.  Relive the magic that was Rough Cut Nation.

The second of Beanland Films' access all areas Rough Cut Nation films.

[Duration 6:20]


10th August 2009
Rough Cut Nation is now open!  Come and see it for yourself. Here is the combined video of everything up until the day before the doors (re)opened.

The final and complete time-lapse video of Rough Cut Nation. Music by Tut Vu Vu.

[Duration 4:57]

24th July 2009
Here is the last week's worth of activity, compressed into one minute and thirty seconds of time-lapse craziness.

The second Rough Cut Nation time-lapse video. Things are starting to come together (and apart) now. Music by Tut Vu Vu.

[Duration 1:32]

23rd July 2009
Check out the latest post about Rough Cut Nation on the Head's Up blog.

21st July 2009
The Beanland Film Company will be filming Rough Cut Nation throughout its development.  This is the first film, Rough Cuts.

Edinburgh's Beanland Films film Rough Cut Nation in the radical and experimental way in which it was conceived.

[Duration 1:42]


17th July 2009
Here's a rush of our first three days of working on the walls and furniture. Can you tell what it is yet?

A short time-lapse video of the first three days of serious work on the walls. Music by Tut Vu Vu.

[Duration 1:20]