Past: Inspired? Get Writing! Creative Writing Competition 2010/2011

Inspired? Get writing! has now been judged. Congratulations to all the winners! With 850 entries received some very difficult decisions had to be made and two extra awards added.

Why not come along the Hawthorden Lecture Theatre in the Scottish National Gallery to hear the 52 winning pieces read aloud in front of images of the artworks that inspired them on Thursday 21st April:

  • Category A Under 12: 10.30-11.30am
  • Category B Age 12-14 & Category C Age 15-18: 1.30-3pm
  • Category D Unpublished Adults & Category E Published Adults: 5.30-7pm

We are delighted to be publishing a third volume of Inspired? Get writing! in the autumn. This will feature the work of winners and runners-up from both the 2010 and 2011 competitions and has been made possible by generous funding from the Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust.

Full details of how to enter Inspired? Get writing! 2012 will be available from September.

Under 12 years

Jamie Arnaud

Keir Ogilvy
Catriona Gellatly

Special Merit
Scott Kinloch
Finn Mitchell
Erin Henderson
Shauney Boyd
Lucia McLaren
Kiran Kaur Chahal
Alice Prince-Tappe

12-15 years

Sarah Mcilwham

Phoebe Crehan
Selina Butler-Lowrie

Special Merit
Savannah Connelly
Annie Higham
Liam Dias
Alana White
Caitlin Andrew
Jamie Seedhouse
Amy Bretherton

16-18 years

Calista Winstanley

James Gao
Iona Byrne

Special Merit
Zoe Storrie
Anna Green
Charlotte Singleton
Iain Brown
Cassandra Casson
Caitlin Girdwood
Georgia Gage
Rose Taylor
Elizabeth Morrison

Unpublished Adults

Aileen Ballantyne

Lemuel Jone
Joseph Reed

Special Merit
Stewart Horn
Georgina Newcombe
Rachel Woolf
David Wilson
Jane Cooper
Susan Nickalls
Aileen Ballantyne

Published Adults

Josephine Brogan

Jean Taylor
James Roderick Burns

Special Merit
Anna K. Dickie
Ann MacKinnon
George McGilvray Wilson
Carey Morning
Ian Madden
Robert Richie
Colin Will