Articles & Publications

Patricia Allerston
'The Second-hand Trade in the Arts in Early Modern Italy', in M. Fantoni, L.C. Matthew and S.F. Matthews-Grieco (eds), The Art Market in Italy (15th-17th Centuries) - Il mercato dell'Arte in Italia (secc. XV-XVII) (Modena: Panini, Istituto per Studi Rinascimentali di Ferrara, 2003)

Patricia Allerston
'Contrary to the truth and also to the semblance of reality'? Entering a Venetian 'Lying-in' Chamber (1605), Renaissance Studies, 20 (2006), 629–639

Patricia Allerston
'Consuming Problems: Worldly Goods in Renaissance Venice', in E. Welch and M. O'Malley (eds), The Material Renaissance: Costs and Consumption in Italy, 1400-1640 (Manchester University Press, 2007)

Robin Baillie
'Singularity and Symbolisation: Images in the Scottish National Narrative', Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History, Volume 7, Nov 2002

Emma Nicolson
'Learning Opportunities at the National Galleries of Scotland', Cultured: The Newsletter of the Cultural Co-ordinators in Scottish Schools Programme, no.7, Oct. 2004