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'Timber Fronted House, Cowgate', Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle from the Foot of the Vennel, 1845
Bullock Cart, Sind
James Keir Hardie, 1856 - 1915. Labour leader
Gesenkter Frauenkopf [Woman with Bowed Head]
'Spazzacamino' (Chimney Sweep)
Close, No. 46 Saltmarket, from Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow
Pastoral Scene, Possibly Sindh
The 'New Woman'
Women Ropeworkers in an Unidentified Factory, Probably in Dundee
James ('Purlie') Wilson, 1760 - 1820. Radical Reformer
'The Independent Shoe-Black'.
Farm, Sindh
  • Farm, Sindh
  • Fred Bremner
Men Quarrying, Baluchistan
James Ramsay Macdonald, 1866 - 1937. Prime minister
73 records in 5 pages | 12345