The Virgin and Child Enthroned About 1418


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Cascading drapery folds complement the stylised curves of the Virgin's seated figure and the standing Christ Child. The throne with its lion's head finials and cloven-hoof feet probably refers to King Solomon's 'Throne of Wisdom'. This panel formed the central part of an altarpiece and would have been flanked by standing saints. A fragment of crimson drapery from one of these is just visible at the left edge. The sumptuous colour and exquisite decorative patterns designed to glow in candlelight indicate the richness of the original altarpiece.

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An artwork behind a church altar featuring religious scenes or imagery which was usually the focus for the celebration of the Mass.


An ornament topping an architectural feature such as a gable or canopy, also found on furniture and decorative objects.


To represent something in accordance with artistic convention rather than its actual appearance.

Altarpiece, Finial, Stylization


  • Acc. No. NG 2271
  • Medium Tempera and gold on panel
  • Size 101.60 x 61.70 cm (framed: 121.70 x 77.10 x 12.00 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 1965