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John Knox, 1505 - 1572. Reformer and historian
The Sacrament of Ordination
The Cromartie Fool
A Baptism
  • A Baptism
  • Master of the San Lucchese Altarpiece
Jan Cornelis Sylvius (Bartsch no. 266 II)
Alexander Henderson, c 1583 - 1646. Presbyterian divine and diplomatist
James Sharp, 1618 - 1679. Archbishop of St. Andrews
The Death of St Ephraim and other Scenes from the Lives of the Hermits
Jan Cornelis Sylvius (Bartsch no. 266 II)
The Sacrament of Extreme Unction
The Solemnisation of the Marriage of James III and Maria Clementina Sobieska
74 records in 5 pages | 12345