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A woman and a horse, let someone else master them (La mujer y el potro, que los dome otro), Plate 10 of Los Disparates Etched about 1819 - 1823 (published 1864)

Not on display

Los Disparates (or Proverbios as they are sometimes called) is a group of twenty-two prints which Goya produced between about 1819 and 1823. These dark, unsettling satires correspond in mood to the works or his final years, known as the ‘Black Paintings’. There is little certain information about the prints’ intended order or their meaning. This one is probably based on an old tale in which a man, who has been turned into a horse, falls in love with a woman. He then kills her husband and abducts her. Goya showed the horse rearing on its hind legs. The animal is powerful and untamed, the embodiment of animal instinct and unbridled sexual passion. The features of the landscape behind assume the form of strange monsters.


  • Acc. No. GOYA.104
  • Medium Etching, burnished aquatint and drypoint on paper
  • Size 24.50 x 35.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1959