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The Adoration of the Kings

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The Adoration of the Kings early 1540s


The Holy Family, at the left of Bassano's richly coloured work, acknowledges the visiting kings and their gifts. The central figure in the painting, however, is the king in the striped doublet. He may be identified as a portrait of the painting's patron, Jacopo Gisi. The two page-boys behind him may also be portraits of his sons. Bassano's interest in complex foreshortened poses is evident in the densely packed group, especially in the figures and animals seen from behind. Many details were based on his previous compositions and on his studies from nature, although the ruined architecture is adapted from a woodcut by Dürer.

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The correct representation in perspective of an object or figure relative to its distance from the eye.


The support given to artists by an individual or organisation, usually through buying or funding their work.


A print made from an image carved into a block of wood cut along the grain. Blank areas are cut away leaving an image in relief from which a print is made.

Foreshortening, Patronage , Woodcut


  • Acc. No. NG 100
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Size 183.00 x 235.00 cm (framed: 272.00 x 218.00 x 8.50 cm)
  • Credit Purchased by the Royal Scottish Academy 1856; transferred to the National Gallery of Scotland 1910