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Boats at Royan 1910

Not on display

  • Scottish Art
Peploe spent the summer of 1910 in Royan on the west coast of France, painting with the artist J.D. Fergusson. The Gallery also owns a painting by Fergusson from the same time. Peploe moved to France in 1910 with his wife, and their son was born in Royan that summer. Like Fergusson, Peploe’s exposure to avant-garde painting had led to his work developing in a more expressionistic manner, as seen by the brushwork in this painting. This small panel would have been painted out of doors, the bright light also encouraging a brightening of the palette.

Glossary Open

Avant garde

Cultural practices that challenge tradition through experimentation and innovation. Originally a military term, in art it is particularly associated with the late 19th and 20th centuries.


A style that made an impact in the arts in the 1920s, particularly in Germany. Expressionists deliberately abandoned realistic representation techniques in favour of exaggerations and distortions of line and colour that were intended to carry far greater emotional impact.


A hand-held board on which a painter lays out and mixes the colours he or she is using. By extension it is used to describe the range of colours employed by an artist.

Avant garde, Expressionism, Palette


  • Acc. No. GMA 1949
  • Medium Oil on board
  • Size 27.00 x 34.90 cm
  • Credit Bequeathed by Dr R.A. Lillie 1977