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Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus, d. 1734. Jacobite

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Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus, d. 1734. Jacobite About 1712


  • Scottish Art
Lord Duffus was a Scottish aristocrat who supported the Act of Union in 1707. However, during the 1715 Jacobite Rising he joined the rebels who wanted to restore the exiled Stuart dynasty. The Rising failed and Duffus’s estates were forfeited. He fled to the continent, but was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Released in 1717, he later served in the Russian Imperial Navy where he rose to the rank of admiral. This portrait was painted before Lord Duffus joined the Jacobite cause. The painting is an early and complete depiction of Highland dress. Lord Duffus is shown dressed for hunting and the image conforms to the traditional Gaelic ideal of the aristocrat as ‘the hunter of deer’.

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Act of Union

A law passed in 1707 that united England and Scotland under a single parliament.


Jacobitism was a movement to restore the descendants of the Stuart King James VII and II to the British throne. The first claimant, Prince James Francis Edward (known as 'the Old Pretender') was exiled first in France, then Italy, from where he planned unsuccessful attempts to claim the throne. His son Prince Charles Edward (known as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' or 'the Young Pretender') famously invaded Britain in 1745, but after some military successes was finally defeated at Culloden in 1746.

Act of Union, Jacobite


  • Acc. No. PG 1095
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Size 203.20 x 140.60 cm (222.50 x 159.50 x 10.50 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 1928