Madame de Canaples (Marie d'Assigny, 1502 - 58)

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Madame de Canaples (Marie d'Assigny, 1502 - 58) about 1525
This aristocratic lady, shown in three-quarter view, rests her hands on a ledge, enhancing the illusion that she appears to exist in believable space. It also draws attention to her many rings. The portrait was probably painted in 1525, the year that Marie d'Assigny married Jean de Crequi, sire de Canaples. The painting is close in character to a drawing by Clouet (now in Chantilly) which bears an inscription identifying the sitter as Madame de Canaples, a lady at the court of François I.

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  • Acc. No. NG 1930
  • Medium Oil on panel
  • Size 36.00 x 28.50 cm
  • Credit Bequest of the 11th Marquess of Lothian 1941